Sunday, June 21, 2015

More on Dixie Belle Paints

Dixie Belle Paint is expanding their offerings almost every quarter as the demand for unique craft colors explodes. This company offers the highest quality artisan chalk paints on the market. This month 5 new colors hi the catalog: Holy Guacamole, Colonel Mustard, Cobalt Blue, Buttercream, and Lucky Lavender. Good thing we document our set and lighting. We can go back to any client shoot and recreate the exact same photos using the new product keeping the continuity between shoots the same. The catalog photos all look as if they were shot in the same session.  As always the client can download both TIFF and JPG files immediately and we always send a DVD with both formats and supporting documents by US mail.

Full set ready for the website and catalog.

Dixie Belle Paint can be purchased on-line at

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