Sunday, February 20, 2022

7 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Product Photographer

Rather than trusting your results to a novice or a generalist, professional product photographers bring a unique skill set to your projects. Specifically product professionals employ skills unique to other photographers. General photographers are like a swiss army knife being used for surgery when a scalpel, made for the job, yields a better result with less scaring. Using a novice would be like using a butter knife in the previous example. Might get the job done but with a lot of pain.

Professional product photographer..

1) Provides a predictable professional results.

Borosilicate mug set.

2) Uses professional equipment, lighting and software built for the task.

Simple tabletop studio using professional grade gear.

3) Will stay on task and meet expectations and deadlines.

4) Uses highly skilled post processing techniques to emphasize the good and reducing or eliminating the undesirables.

5) Provides consistency. Polished catalog, on line store or advertising require consistent lighting, color and finishing. Professionals provide a high degree of additional continuity to your product line.

Images consistent across products.

6) Use an artistic eye to bring your products to life. Years of experience bring a solid skill set to your project.

Bonsai soils and supplies banner shot.

7)  Are professional both in the beginning and throughout the entire project and beyond.

These are just a few things to consider. Other things like time, cost, portfolio, fit, and artistic view will be covered in the next post.