Wednesday, April 27, 2016

T-shirts and that hollow look

Clothing can be very challenging and expensive to shoot. Take that empty shirt floating on white look. That's where the garment looks like it is being worn but just floats there in a surreal pose with nothing inside.  Not hard to do with Photoshop and other image editing software. Dress the model in the outfit, photograph in front of a white background. Photograph fill in shots of the back collar and sleeves. Bring it all into Photoshop and 30 minutes later there is a garment floating in the air being worn by the invisible man(woman). I have done this before but the end result always is a bit, well, creepy...My personal preference is to leave the model in or just use a display mannequin designed for in-store use.
Shot to Amazon specs.

The better the photos the better the video!

When we think of a TV commercial we think of video cameras, video and audio, but, many a video commercial contain still photos edited into the script. With the advent of the 4k video camera, resolution is much better than in even the recent past. Digital still cameras, however, still out perform video cameras for dynamic range and detail.
4k (4x 1080p) still is only about 2160px X 1440px or about 3mp compared to a Nikon D90, a 7 year old camera with 12mp of resolution or a newer D610 at 24mp. Even though video can't render such high quality files on TV, the higher quality the starting files the better the result after down sizing.
Here are some shots commissioned by a video house for some up coming TV spots.

Shot on white as the editor want to add color to the backgrounds in post production.

Consider a professional product photographer as another resource in your marketing tool kit.