Monday, June 6, 2016

Practice, practice, and even more practice

During the off season I like to try different looks to my photography, different lighting techniques, props, equipment and so on. Here are a few latest home brew projects using different techniques. Some of these styles are not commonly used in product work unless the art director is looking to establish a particular look and feel to the product.

 Single strobe firing into several white cards.

 White cards positioned off camera right, left and above

 Small yellow gelled strobe off camera 
right with a white card off camera left
The gel creates a warm almost retro look.

2 lights, strobe with a softbox overhead and
small bare strobe from left and behind.
Silver bounces off camera right and in front.
Photographed in B&W to make the lighting very prominent.

Also experimenting with ambient light and the light created by the subject.

Long exposure and high f-stops let the products own 
light come through without over exposing the stage.

and different light modifiers...

Single strobe with a 2x6 inch snoot focusing hard light 
on the subject and eliminating any spill on the stage.

Well that's it for now until the next break in the schedule when experimentation can begin again.