Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Working with models in a lifestyle shoot.

Today I want to talk about a part of product photography that can be the most difficult and most rewarding style of shooting, the "lifestyle" shoot. Personally with a preference to still life artwork, this is the type of project I enjoy most. This gives me the opportunity to really get my creative juices flowing and create product "art" not just a standard catalog shot.
Creating these types of images involves more time and more money as most models and props aren't free. This Hero lifestyle shot of these sauces took almost 8 hours of studio and editing time. Starting with arranging all the props(food items, cooktop, working surface, stove, utensils, and  background) then lighting the stage before the model arrives. Followed by costume and fine tuning the stage for the models addition. Here are 2 shots from the shoot...

and a shot taken the next day using the same stage...

Here is another product lifestyle of some of the components of a gift box. No food stylist was used as the budget for this shoot was quiet modest.

and the included snuggle blanket.

If you would like to discuss having your products photographed in this or any style, contact me for a free bid.