Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Working with models in a lifestyle shoot.

Today I want to talk about a part of product photography that can be the most difficult and most rewarding style of shooting, the "lifestyle" shoot. Personally with a preference to still life artwork, this is the type of project I enjoy most. This gives me the opportunity to really get my creative juices flowing and create product "art" not just a standard catalog shot.
Creating these types of images involves more time and more money as most models and props aren't free. This Hero lifestyle shot of these sauces took almost 8 hours of studio and editing time. Starting with arranging all the props(food items, cooktop, working surface, stove, utensils, and  background) then lighting the stage before the model arrives. Followed by costume and fine tuning the stage for the models addition. Here are 2 shots from the shoot...

and a shot taken the next day using the same stage...

Here is another product lifestyle of some of the components of a gift box. No food stylist was used as the budget for this shoot was quiet modest.

and the included snuggle blanket.

If you would like to discuss having your products photographed in this or any style, contact me for a free bid.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Is it real or is it Memorex...You decide!

Just recently I was asked to duplicate a digital rendering using the actual product. Digital renderings have none of the limitations imposed by the physics of camera optics. Perspective, distortion, color shift and annoying little product defects can all be eliminated with a digital rendering. The resulting image becomes an unreal,representation of the product. The rendering displayed here uses a logo not found on the actual bottle casting.

Sometimes, as in this example of a hand soap dispenser, the consumer may not be as sensitive to the appearance of the product as say a decor object where the actual object will be on display. Manufacturers are quick to produce these "renderings" as they are relatively quick, cheap to produce from product mock-ups and show their products without defect.

Which you as a seller choose to use will depend on your clientele and products. As a note, you will never see Tiffany's use anything but actual photos in their public facing advertising, highly edited, but still the actual product offered.

Would you like more information on product photography? Visit my website at ProdPhoto.com

Friday, April 13, 2018

Building a New Vision/Website

Now that things have slowed down for the summer and before the holiday cycle, I finally have time to fix the website. Last year during the holiday crunch my old web host decided to upgrade the server os which had the net effect of destroying my Wordpress built website. My new host specializes in Wordpress but without the added fee schedule of many of the other hosts. Add-ons like templates and plug-ins are all included at one reasonable fee. Check out the progress at ProdPhoto.com the pages are in flux so things are changing on a daily basis.

On another note, I had a chance to work with some Waterford crystal for an eBay listing. A small job but fun to do. Unlike most product photos, this was a group shot of 12 pieces instead of the usual single hero shot.

Hero shot by the dozen.

I do small runs of product for many auction sites. Do you have a single item that is rare or valuable and want to maximize your selling price? Call or email me so we can discuss your options.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

After Holiday Studio Special

Here's a after holiday deal - - Catalog shots on white, set-up fees half off (now $17.50) and $15 per shot (min 5). Book now studio time at this pricing is very limited.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summer is here...meh?

The new season for #Product #Photography is in full swing and Summer is hitting Florida with what promises to be a real scorcher making outside work almost impossible. Thanks to careful lighting, special props and backgrounds I can bring the outdoors to any small product shoot.

Hero shot of a cold process coffee maker.

Strobes replicate light from open shade giving soft pleasant shadows along with a few specular reflections of the outdoor area. A color print of a garden hedge lit with a separate light and slightly over-exposed completes the outdoor effect.

Here is the same product on the same table but with different lighting and on a white sweep.

On white sweep for Amazon primary listing photo.

Have some small items that need this type of treatment? Contact me for a free bid on your project. www.prodphoto.com/contact/

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Courage Cube Loving Uplifting Gifts

I just completed a project for Rebecca Daoud founder of Courage Cube. She has suffered from chronic illness since age 29, read her story on her website at https://goo.gl/y5mDi3 (couragecube.com). Here are some of the product proofs done on white sweep. If you know a person or have a family member suffering from an illness, consider these gifts to support them.

Close ups of some of the included gifts.

Complete gift sets.

Basic catalog photos on white sweep that will be easy to knock out later for use on Amazon or mixed media advertising.

#product #photography #tampabay

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Busy Month in Studio and a word about Clipping Masks

November has been a busy month for product photography. With Christmas right around the corner it's been a mixed bag of Amazon work and some specialty work. I have been doing quite a bit with clipping paths for custom ads and other uses.

 Clipping paths "knock out" the background
allowing the graphic artist to use special colors
or  images with the photo.

 Here I inserted a black background.

 Here a white background.

Here the product is left on the original white sweep.

Clipping masks do add a considerable cost to processing as I spend about an hour or two to take each image element away from its backdrop the more complex the image the more time involved.
When should you consider a clipped image? If your image will be printed on different colors like a coffee mug or a shirt; will be used in several different media like a printed ad or banner graphic with other graphic elements applied. I quote each project on an individual basis so fees do vary from image to image. Contact me through my website at www.ProdPhoto.com for more information or to request free quote.

Painted Sea Art from the collection of Jennifer Rogers.