Project: Lighting a Ring - Part 3

Black and gold are a classic combination of colors. Lets see what the ring will look like under the light tent on black acrylic.

105mm  macro,  f/16 at 1/160th under studio strobe.

It looks interesting but the light tent being white is reflecting off of the acrylic as gray. An undesirable color. I put a black card behind the ring to change the white reflection to black thus darkening the stage. In this step a black card was also placed in front of the ring to add some contrast to the gems.

105mm macro, f/16 at 1/160th under studio strobes

Here is the set with the added black cards.

Next time using the same set we will experiment with different positions using black thread and museum wax. I have to put the ring project on hold for a few months until I get another ring and studio time to finish.

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