Thursday, August 7, 2014

ProdPhoto Commercial Product Photography

In the midst of the summer months, I find myself in the quiet time before the holiday catalog and advertising crush, a great time to rekindle the urge to write.

First of all, let me introduce my company and what does. is a product photography shop that caters to new business and artists that want professional high end photography services but are new to what can often be the complex and expensive world of commercial photography. Usage licensing,  copyright issues, sample selection and preparation,  final image file type and sizing, and archiving are all simplified and direct. Above all ProdPhoto stays within your budget as little as $10 per finished image.

You tell us what you plan to use the images for and ProdPhoto will provide you with the original high resolution print files(TIFF format @240 dpi up to 24mpx) and any other format required, re-sized to fit your needs(ie. JPG @72 dpi suitable for the web). Fully cleaned up or "Photoshopped" images that render true colors and 1st class results.

Reproduction of artisan works which stay true to color, texture and proportion can be very difficult without the proper equipment. ProdPhoto's professionals use modern industry leading equipment and software to render your creations accurately. No color shifting, no spatial distortion only your design comes through.

90% of what ProdPhoto does is small tabletop items like jewelry, paintings, pottery and other similar items. The other 10%  are slightly larger items like clothing apparel, larger paintings and art pieces.

Well, that's it for today, I have run out of time and have to go into the studio and shoot some antique pottery. Be back soon!

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